Author Guidelines

Prospective authors are invited to submit Abstracts

Authors should use the following MS Word template to prepare the abstract.

Before submitting the abstract, make sure the guideline texts are removed from the template.

Finalised abstracts should be submitted via the Microsoft's Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) Click Here

Abstracts that do not comply with these guidelines will be returned.

Submissions received after the deadline or through email will be rejected.

Sub Themes

  • Vrikshayurveda (ancient science of plant life& plant care) and Satvarurveda (veterinary medicine) with a holistic approach
  • Metabolic disorders in human and animal
  • Traditional practices on food, nutrition and food safety
  • Zoonotic disease and traditional medicine
  • Pharmacology, pharmaceutics and clinical trials
  • Preventive and curative measures of health issues
  • Advanced medical & surgical practices in traditional medicine
  • Eco-tourism, yoga, and wellness
  • High-tech innovations in traditional healthcare systems
  • Toxic effects on humans, animals and ecosystems
  • Antimicrobial resistance, environmental contamination, climate change, biodiversity, and habitat loss.
  • Sustainable cultivation, organic farming, conservation, and propagation of medicinal plants.

If the abstract is accepted, submit the camera-ready copy after addressing the reviewers' comments.

The acceptance of the abstract ensures that the work will be allowed to be presented at the conference.

Camera-ready should be submitted via Microsoft's Conference Management Toolkit (CMT) Click Here

If there is more than one author, at least one of the authors should register for the AyurEx 2024 conference upon the notification of acceptance.

Click here for more information about the registration.

The session details for presentations will be circulated after your successful registration.

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