Faculty of Graduate Studies

FGS offers a variety of programs, ranging from postgraduate diploma level to doctoral level. Currently, there are over thirty-five programs offered by the various Faculties and institutions, leading to a Master’s degree. Some of the courses are based only on course work, while others are based on research, and some others are a mix of course work and research. Course work at FGS means face-to-face teaching as in a traditional university. These courses are usually conducted during weekends or evenings, to enable people who are already employed to enhance their knowledge and skills. In order to be more accessible, FGS hopes to be in a position to launch distance learning modules in the near future.

Postgraduate study at MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) levels are possible in each Faculty of the University of Kelaniya. These programs tend to build on the skills acquired at undergraduate and Master’s levels. They involve an applicant being assigned to a supervisor for guidance in conducting research. The applicant and supervisor/s work together to achieve the objectives of the research program. If you have no previous experience in conducting research, it would be best to register for a Master’s level program before attempting an MPhil or PhD. This is because most Master’s level programs include modules on research methodology.

International Collaborations

The Faculty of Graduate Studies offers the following programs:

  • MBA, MPhil and PHD programs in Bangladesh
  • Master of Business Study Program in China
  • Master of Arts in Buddhist Studies Program in Malaysia


"The vision of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) is based on the purpose of education from ancient times: Natthi vijjaa Sama.m pa~n~naa (Pali), ‘there is no power comparable to knowledge’ or ipsa scientia potestas est [Latin] ‘knowledge is power.’ Therefore, FGS envisages that its graduates will have the knowledge to wield power in different spheres and make the world a better place, through their dedication to research, openness to new ideas, and mastery of analytical skills"


"The mission of the Faculty of Graduate Studies is to encourage research and dissemination of knowledge at postgraduate level. FGS works with academic staff, students and administrative staff in all the Faculties of the University of Kelaniya to promote excellence in postgraduate education. Postgraduate education at the University of Kelaniya is a shared experience. FGS works together with academic departments across the university to provide graduate programs at Master’s, MPhil, and PhD levels to create a dynamic intellectual climate for its students"