About Ayurveda Department

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About Ayurveda Department

The Department of Ayurveda is a government organization in Sri Lanka that is the focal implementation body of the traditional medical sector and is responsible for promoting, regulating, and preserving the practice of Ayurveda and traditional medicine in the country. It operates under the Ministry of Health and plays a crucial role in quality healthcare service delivery, policy development, regulation of TM products, practices and practitioners, education, research, and development in Ayurveda.

The department’s primary objective is to provide accessible and affordable healthcare services to the population through the systems of Ayurveda and traditional medicine. It aims to integrate these traditional systems with modern healthcare practices, recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to health and wellness. 

The Role of the Department of Ayurveda

As a key government organization, the Department of Ayurveda plays a crucial role in advancing Ayurveda knowledge, practices, and treatments. According to Act No. 19 of 2023 of Ayurveda Act No. 31 of 1961, the primary objective is to ensure the accessibility and availability of Ayurveda healthcare services and primary health care. By regulating and overseeing Ayurveda education, encouraging Ayurveda research, and maintaining the efficient practice of Ayurveda medicine and surgery, 

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