About AyurEx 2024

We extend our cordial invitation to participate in the “2nd International Research Symposium on Traditional Medicine  2024 - (AyurEx Colombo-"2024") The event will be taking place from May 03 to May 05, 2024, at UCFM Tower, Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka.

International Research Symposium

“2nd International Research Symposium (AyurEx Colombo-2024)". covered by Lever Ayush and organized by the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS), University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, and the Department of Ayurveda, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.

The research symposium is a scientific platform for eminent researchers, academicians, physicians, traditional and medical practitioners, manufacturers and exporters of Ayurveda and herbal products, members of the corporate sector, agriculture sector, and stakeholders from all over the world to disseminate the traditional knowledge to address the major global health issues..

The research symposium will provide an overview of the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and provide a collaborative, multisectoral, and transdisciplinary forum working at the national and international levels to address the health issues spanning the entire spectrum of one health approach. One Health is an emerging research area that has received increasing attention globally. To date, many countries have actively applied the One Health approach to public health, international health, and global health governance processes.

Aims of Research Symposium
AyurEx 2024

Promotion of the ‘One Health’ approach to reach the optimal health and sustainability of humans, animals, and ecosystems through the effective use of traditional medicine to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Objectives of the Symposium

  • To provide a platform to showcase and promote the global demand for traditional medicine reflected by value-added products based on traditional medicine.
  • To improve chemical profiles, quality control and standardisation of traditional medicine using modern analytical methods to maintain their reproducibility.
  • To promote One Health research directions through multidisciplinary approaches to traditional medicine with collaborations between national and international institutions.
  • To create a platform to showcase post-graduate research and innovation needed to increase the global demand for traditional medicine.
  • To improve the entrepreneurial skills and opportunities of practitioners in the development of traditional medicine.
  • To conserve traditional medical knowledge and intellectual property rights.

Expected outcomes of the Symposium

  • Establish relevant policy options for the sustainable development of traditional medicine to strengthen the capacity for commercialization.
  • Conduct awareness programs on intellectual property rights and patenting of the value-added products of traditional medicine.
  • Create a supportive business environment for entrepreneurs in the industries producing products of traditional medicine.
  • Develop a strong network of potential stakeholders; plant cultivators, manufacturers of traditional medicine, scientists etc. and educate all the parties on strategies to reach the global market for products of traditional medicine.
  • Share knowledge and technologies used for value addition of traditional medicine in developed countries and encourage the development of value-added products to achieve user-friendly products that the global market will widely accept.
  • Strengthen networking of Private-Public Partnership (PPP) with universities, research institutes and industries of traditional medicine to reduce the information gap and to promote quality control of products of traditional medicine.
  • Conduct systematic research with appropriate clinical trials to prove the efficacy of the novel products developed based on traditional medicine and encourage the publication of the results in peer-reviewed journals.