Humanities Undergraduate Research Symposium

About HUG

This symposium aims to encourage novice, undergraduate researchers, to present their original research projects and enable them to get involved in the process of conducting a research project, writing an abstract, and presenting the findings covering the respective disciplines taught in the humanities field. Furthermore, this will be an ideal platform of knowledge sharing in an interdisciplinary manner where undergraduates will have the opportunity to learn from fellow presenters.We invite abstracts on any of the following areas of study representing all the departments of the Faculty of Humanities.

Key Areas

Cultural Studies
Fine Arts
Language and Literature
Religious Studies


The aim of the symposium is to encourage undergraduates of the Faculty of Humanities to present their original research findings thereby inspiring them to engage in research in the respective areas of study. In the long run, this will also cultivate a healthy research culture in the university and enable the undergraduates to nurture this practice in their professional lives subsequent to their graduation from the university.