Keynote Speaker


Prof. Kishore Singh

Prof. Kishore Singh is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting Data Analytics at Central Queensland University. He holds a PhD from the University of Southern Queensland, specializing in Fraud Detection in Enterprise Systems. He has further qualifications in computer science, electronic engineering, and business. He is a Certified Fraud Examiner. Kishore has broad experience in the Information Systems industry. He has an excellent track record in IT security, network and systems management, and software development. Kishore has worked in several roles in South Africa and United Kingdom. His research interests are in the areas of continuous auditing and continuous monitoring, data visualization, forensic accounting and fraud detection in enterprise systems. He has published several journal articles in these areas. Kishore spent several years researching and developing methods and procedures for fraud detection in SAP enterprise systems. His work involved designing and building systems for fraud detection. Kishore has consulted for large local and international firms in the area of forensic analytics and anti-money laundering. He applies the methods and techniques developed in his research to identify anomalous activities in enterprise systems.