ICH 2017:Building Alliances for Global Knowledge through Digital Scholarship

        The Faculty of Humanities of University of Kelaniya is pleased to announce the 3rd International Conference on the Humanities (ICH 2017) to be held on the 26th and 27th of October 2017 at the University premises under the major theme "Digital Humanities."

Digital Humanities is one of the growing topics for past few decades in terms of developing and fostering manifold disciplines and methodological understandings by crossing the boundaries of conventional Humanities studies. This include digitizing archival materials, transmission and dissemination of ideas trough digital media, and to study and share common concepts and new knowledge among global community via digital communication. Its expansion is also evident in various dimensions that we are not accustomed, and a scholarship that is more collaborative on a network of people and knowledge that operates 24/7 online, connecting people via a variety of digital media including e-learning and animated life panels. ICH 2017, thus, addresses the growing needs and demands of Humanities studies through its theme "Digital Humanities."


About the Digital Humanities

         The term "Digital Humanities" is the latest innovation with regard to the research on humanities as well as in instructing. This includes tertiary, and University education but not limited to vocational training in the global education patterns and systems per se.  It also demarcates a new era of paradigm shift in the pedagogical studies in Humanities: a move from the model of a single scholar to that of an interconnected, multi-functional group that work together for a global understanding. The land mark of the particular trend is the spread of knowledge via digital platforms, virtual peripherals, digital publications (e-journals, e-books, kindles etc.,), digital storages which are available in e-version anywhere, and any time through conceivable devices. The advantage of this trend is the availability of sources and data through sky drives so that the research and further studies have become very much sharing and inter-connecting as a medium of digital communication. Digital resources therefore, provides a tangible heritage to the studies in Humanities. 




About the Faculty of Humanities of University of Kelaniya

      Faculty of Humanities of the University of Kelaniya, having established in 1875, with the initiatives of the Most Venerable Sri Dharmaloka Thero, from the so called Vidyalankara Pirivena to the Vidyalankara Higher Educational Center, and upgraded to the University status and so named as Vidyalankara University in 1959. Under the guidance and the instructions provided by the First Vice Chancellor, the Most Venerable Kiriwaththuduwe Pangnasara and the line of headships, the Faculty has currently grown into a leading Academic Agent within the University and in the National University system by providing some distinctive educational experience to its students to showcase themselves with unique qualities. Maintaining the highest standards of the disciplines of Languages and Linguistic Studies, Buddhist studies, Western and Eastern Classical Culture, Visual, Performing and Theatrical Arts, New Media, the Faculty attempts to maintain and sustain the quality and the new dimensions of Humanities Studies at its best.



Paper Abstracts

Abstracts of not more than 300 words are invited in the diverse areas of the humanities that addresses the novel and global trends in the studies, directions, depths and breadths of Digital Humanities in the following areas (but not restricted to).


  • Application of digital humanities in pedagogy and academic curricula.
  • Application of digital/ multimedia tools in language, literary, linguistic, cultural and historical studies.
  • Digital arts, Architecture, music, film, theatre
  • Humanities studies provoked through digital media
  • New dimensions of digital archives and libraries
  • Social, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, and multi-religious aspects of digital humanities
  • Software studies, information design and Humanities research.
  •  Application of digital tools, devices and media in Humanities studies. 




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 Conference Programme


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