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7th International Conference for Accounting Researchers and Educators

09th  December 2021

Revitalizing the business for finance resiliency in the next normal”

The 7th International Conference for Accounting Researchers and Educators (ICARE) organized by the Department of Accountancy, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies, University of Kelaniya will be held on 09th December 2021 via online. The theme of the conference is Revitalizing the business for finance resiliency in the next normal”

It is clear that we are all facing a new and disturbing time. Every business we interact with is weighing in on COVID-19 and we are moving from the current crisis to the post-pandemic era —the next normal that will materialize after the battle against coronavirus has been won.

The fallout will have a significant impact on businesses globally, and business owners are under intense pressure to find new ways to function and stay afloat, navigate, and perhaps even thrive, depending on their sector and approach over the next months or years. Though the future still looks uncertain, the only certainty that is emerging is the central role that technology will play in fostering a future-ready resilient business.

Considering all global changes, this time ICARE 2021 will be held online to accommodate researchers with new ways to foster their findings and share with the online community and support remote collaboration and networking. ICARE 2021 highly believes that, these insights begin to illuminate the path toward a future still in flux and inspire business leaders with the necessary resolve to help forge the next normal.

ICARE 2021 would open avenues to both academic and professional personalities to explore the knowledge and information fraternity which has been a dynamic discipline for contemporary business domain. We invite all the management researchers, academicians, researchers and practitioners to send papers to this conference and make this a grand success.


Conference Scope

Financial Reporting & Digitalization

Technology adoption in Accounting

Business Analytics

Auditing & Forensic Accounting

Corporate Strategy

Governance & Ethics

Taxation & Law




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