Guidelines for submission


Abstracts: Camera Ready

Abstracts can be based on laboratory research field work, surveys, product developments or hypotheses based on literature surveys, which belong to symposium key areas or any other related fields.

Abstract Layout
  • Paper format – Standard B5 (7.17” × 10.12”)., Only one page
  • Margins – Top: 1.27 cm, Bottom: 1.27 cm, Left: 3.81 cm, Right: 2.54 cm
  • Headers 

    "International Research Symposium on Pure and Applied Sciences, 2017 Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka"


  • Font – Times New Roman
  • Borders and Shading – None
Abstract Title
  • Title - Bold,with maximum of 2 lines, 11 point, Times New Roman, center aligned, only first letter of the title is UPPER CASE
  • Name(s) of Author(s) 10 point; centered, bold, Initials with full stop and space before next initial (name), use of the word ‘and’
  • Affiliation(s) of Authors in italics – If affiliations are different, they should be indicated by superscripted Arabic numerals
  • The corresponding author should be indicated by using an asterisk (*)
  • The email address of the corresponding author should be given in a new line after the affiliations, in italics
Abstract Body
  • Text – Should be typed using 10 point, Times New Roman with single spacing.
  • Only one page including acknowledgements
  • No sub headings
  • No citing of references
  • Only one diagram or table can be included if it is necessary
  • Paragraphs – Justified, No indentation
  • All non-English and technical terms – either underlined or typed in italics(Eg. et al., viz., etc., maha., Yala.,)
  • All units should be presented as recommended by the System International (SI) Standard Units.
  • Technical terms, symbols,etc. should be presented according to appropriate standards
  • Abbreviations should be defined at the first time it appears
  • Content of the abstract should be as follows
  • Give 3 – 5 keywords after the abstract (Maximum 5 words)in alphabetical order. First letter capitalized. Only the word “Keyword” should be bold.
  • Acknowledgements
  • An abstract template can be downloaded here



Poster presentation

Specifications and Guidelines
  • Posters should be prepared in 120 cm (4’) height and 90 cm ( 3’) wide
  • Each poster should have a heading that includes the title, author(s) and their affiliation(s), as given in your accepted abstract.
    • Font type & size: Arial
    • Title:125
    • Authors:86
    • Affiliation: 48
  • The poster should have the same components as a technical/ scientific paper: * Abstract, * Introduction, * Methodology, * Results/Discussion * Conclusion and * References
  • The text should be of a size that can be easily read from a distance of about 1 to 1.5 m. Font size: Arial 28
  • Posters should be mounted during the Registration session and should be on display until the end of the poster session. Failure to be present to explain your poster at the time allocated for poster presentation (as given in the programme) will be considered as non-presentation of the Abstract for the Research Symposium


Oral Presentation

Specifications and Guidelines
  • Presentation Time : 12 minutes
  • Q&A / Discussion : 5 minutes

Skype presentations will be allowed