ICH:2018 - "(Re)Valuing the Humanities: Humanities' Values

                and the Value of Humanities"        

        Faculty of Humanities, University of Kelaniya


The Faculty of Humanities of University of Kelaniya is pleased to announce the 4th  International Conference on the Humanities (ICH 2018) to be held on the 27th and 28th of September 2018 at the University premises under the major theme  "(Re)Valuing the Humanities".

This conference aims to re-examine the role that value plays in determining our scholarly praxis, and invites both intra and inter-disciplinary research papers that question, critique, demarcate, or otherwise subject value, humanities values and the values of the humanities to close scrutiny. We treat the term “value” broadly–from the traditional notions of social ideals and collective notions of the good to market value and legal value– and the many other permutations of this term.

The question of value is particularly pertinent to the humanities, because scholars in the humanities are constantly called upon to defend the “value” of their epistemological paradigms and pedagogical practices in a rapidly marketized university community. Discursive imperatives derived from globalization, neo-liberalism, university audit cultures, managerialism, and commodification on the one hand and post-modernism, democratization, fragmentation, diversification of societies on the other hand have led to the articulation of new kinds of values associated with neoliberal universities.

 As such, this crucial juncture in modern university culture provides us with a rich ground to explore the value of the Humanities and Humanities values within predominantly market oriented, positivist teaching and research culture. We invite conference papers that should address, but need not be limited to, any of the following:


  • Cultural Studies                                                             
  • Fine Arts
  • Languages and Literatures                                             
  • Language Teaching
  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies



14th and 15th of March 2019

University of Kelaniya


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